Arron Baptist

Academic and Career Support Coordinator

Arron Baptist currently works as an Academic and Career Support Coordinator for the Social Justice Learning Institute. He works with high school boys of color through mentoring, teaching, and providing academic counseling. Mr. Arron Baptist is endeavoring to acquire more skills and practice that will enable him to be a valuable member of his community.

Baptist is a candidate for a M.S. I'm Public Policy and Administration at CSU Long Beach, and Earned his BA in Africana Studies from CSUDH. His growing familiarity with policy and administration builds upon his undergraduate foundation in Africana Studies (B.A. earned at CSU Dominguez Hill) and enables him to analyze school environments, and make critical recommendations, and execute the vision of the school and community. The analysis, recommendation and execution process that Mr. Baptist practices could be seen in his work at View Park High School, his Alma Mater, where he spoke to seniors, organized college trips and worked along side the college counselor.  Mr. Baptist demonstrated his commitment to school vision and his ability to accept direction as a volunteer at Environmental Charter Middle School whileworking under Brandon Garrett in the after school program.