Daniel Castillo

Creative Arts & Youth Empowerment Programs Director

In his role as the Creative Arts and Youth Empowerment Programs Director, Daniel P. Castillo is focused on creating youth programs that utilize art as a medium to create and transmit stories for change. Daniel previously served as SJLI's Educational Equity Programs Director, where he managed the development and expansion of SJLI’s Boys and Men of Color efforts through their a series of programs, broadly known as Urban Scholars, which are integrated into schools across the greater Los Angeles area. These academic programs focus on addressing the literacy needs of Boys and Men of color by helping them develop academic competencies, critical consciousness and social awareness with the ultimate intentions to equip and empower them to enact social change through research, training, and community mobilization.

Drawing upon his personal experience growing up in Los Angeles, Castillo can relate to the many challenges youth are facing, including the appeal of gang life. As a young child he loved visual and experiential art, and as he matured and developed his talent, he chose to follow a career path that would allow him to use his gifts as an artist and his passion for Social Justice. Through his work he is hoping to inspire and cultivate youth to take leadership positions in society and become who they were born to be in this world.