Tracey Bonilla

Market Manager of Inglewood Certified Farmer's Market (ICFM)

Tracey Bonilla is the Farmer's Market Manager for the Inglewood Certified Farmer's Market (ICFM) at the Social Justice Learning Institute. In 2013, Bonilla began volunteering with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council. Her work with the LAFPC lead to an opportunity to be considered for a job at SJLI in 2015. She started her work at SJLI as a peer educator, where she was responsible for administering healthy lifestyle classes and the maintenance of several school & community gardens in the cities of Inglewood & Lennox. After several months of working as support staff for the Inglewood CFM, in January 2017, she began her role as Market Manager of the Inglewood CFM.

Bonilla got her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of California Santa Cruz in 2012. She also received her A.A. in Liberal Arts for Behavioral & Social Sciences from Santa Monica College in 2014. She is currently in school completing course work to pursue a Masters degree in Nutrition & Exercise Sciences.