Creative Arts


Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) is launching a 4-week music and video production basics summer course. Each session will cover a different area of production from writing lyrics and scripts, learning how to operate a camera and microphone, to recording on a music track and short film. As students learn the basics, there will be a designated portion of each session in where participants will be immersed in media literacy—through presentations and activities—where they will examine how homogeny, sexism, oppresion, and other factors reinforce stereotypes, bias, and negatively alter perceptions.

Students who complete the 4-week course will be granted access to the recording studio and film equipment throughout the following academic year to create personal projects.


Course Dates and Times

Orientation for the course is on Thursday, June 29th from 3pm - 5pm at SJLI. The official first class takes place on Saturday, July 1st from 10am - 1pm. The course will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm - 5pm and Saturday from 10am - 1pm for the entire month of July.

To apply to the program, complete the online application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Daniel P. Castillo at