Bryant Glover - Urban Health Fellow

Student Reflection, 7/25/14

"Today we learned how to do CPR on a real person. We first hit the person on their chest to see if they  will respond. If they didn’t respond, we were asked to start CPR. First, we looked to see if their chest was moving and to see if they were breathing, if they weren’t, we had to put pressure on their chest and pat down 30 times. Then we had to tilt their head back and blow into their mouths three times and continue pumping on their chest. Next, we learned how to do CPR on a child. First you have to tickle  their feet. If the baby moves their feet then it is okay. If it doesn’t then you have to push two fingers on their chest and move your fingers two inches down, then blow into their mouth. I just thought about all the things we did in the past month. I think this program has given me positive things to do with my life and time and I really appreciate everyone that attends it."

- Bryant Glover

* * *

The United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, in a 2009 report stated, the death rate for African Americans was higher than Whites for heart diseases, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza and pneumonia, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and homicide. 

In response to the health crises impacting communities of color, SJLI with funding from The California Wellness Foundation has developed a five-week, hands-on internship and training fellowship. A Fellow wrote the preceding journal entry during his Urban Health Fellowship training.

Photos from the Fellowship program can be found in the SJLI gallery.


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