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July 19, 2016
Ali Ingersoll, WIVB News 4

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~ Los Angeles Times

A new law promoting community gardens and small farms lets municipalities lower property taxes on plots of 3 acres or less if owners dedicate them to growing food for at least 5 years.

October 02, 2013 | By Lee Romney

Capital Public Radio

Farming and healthy food advocates from around California were in Sacramento Wednesday asking lawmakers to focus on challenges facing the state's food production system.

~ San Francisco Chronicle

A new statewide coalition is putting pressure on politicians to pass progressive food and farm legislation in the hopes that it will "fix" California's health, environmental and economic challenges.

~ La Opinión

Vanessa Rodríguez, una estudiante del grado 11 en la legendaria Roosevelt High School del Este de Los Ángeles, cree que su maestro de ciencias sociales, Eduardo López , cumple con todas las cualidades de un maestro "que inspira".

~ The Orange County Register

When he was growing up, Jerry Tello’s grandma blessed him constantly throughout the day. 

Such a gesture, he came to realize, was preparation for the times when he would be made to feel like a scourge or a delinquent because he was a young Latino man.

~ Zocalo

My L.A. Childhood Was Tough. But Seeing the Struggles of South Africans Inspired Me to Help Kids in My Own Backyard.

By D'Artagnan Scorza, Ph.D.