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July 19, 2016
Ali Ingersoll, WIVB News 4

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~ Inglewood Today

By Thomas Bunn

Los Angeles Wave Publication

On a visit to the State Capitol, young black leaders and advocates share experiences with legislators — in hopes of helping to shape policies that could determine their future.

By Kiara Harris-Mendel, California Black Media

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Educating youth about environmental health and justice issues can inspire them to be agents of change in their own neighborhoods.

Los Angeles Food Policy Council

“Don’t shoot, because I am human, and my life matters.”

These moving words, spoken by young men of color in a video projected on the screen, kicked off the August Network meeting of the LA Food Policy Council on “Food and Restorative Justice in Schools and Prisons.”

~ Los Angeles Times

A new law promoting community gardens and small farms lets municipalities lower property taxes on plots of 3 acres or less if owners dedicate them to growing food for at least 5 years.

October 02, 2013 | By Lee Romney

Capital Public Radio

Farming and healthy food advocates from around California were in Sacramento Wednesday asking lawmakers to focus on challenges facing the state's food production system.

~ San Francisco Chronicle

A new statewide coalition is putting pressure on politicians to pass progressive food and farm legislation in the hopes that it will "fix" California's health, environmental and economic challenges.

~ La Opinión

Vanessa Rodríguez, una estudiante del grado 11 en la legendaria Roosevelt High School del Este de Los Ángeles, cree que su maestro de ciencias sociales, Eduardo López , cumple con todas las cualidades de un maestro "que inspira".