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By Social Justice Learning Institute, 08/04/2014

Brandon Bell – Urban Health Fellow

Student Reflection, 7/9/14

“The highlight of my day was the Chef’s cooking. I liked it because he cooked foods that I have never tasted before. Also, he mixed foods that I never thought would have been able to be put together. I’ve also really liked the bragging sessions that have been going on. I’ve gotten to know and meet so many new people. I feel like I have gained independence in my own life. Even though I get tired of bussing here and home, I like coming to this and I know it will help me in my future to become a doctor.”

– Brandon Ball

* * *

The United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, in a 2009 report stated, the death rate for African Americans was higher than Whites for heart diseases, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza and pneumonia, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and homicide.

In response to the health crises impacting communities of color, SJLI with funding from The California Wellness Foundation has developed a five-week, hands-on internship and training fellowship. A Fellow wrote the preceding journal entry during his Urban Health Fellowship training.

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