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Empowering Through Education

We use education as a tool to empower communities of color to unlock their ability to change their lives and the world around them.


Creating Thriving Communities

We work to transform neighborhood conditions by improving the built environment and expanding access to resources that enable residents to be healthy and thrive.


Changing Systems

We build power within our communities to mobilize residents so that they can identify and challenge systems of injustice and to advance policies that directly impact their lives.

"Times are hard right now. Things are not the way they used to be. These produce pickups are important; they help the whole family."

Inglewood Resident

Since 2020, we have distributed more than 3 million pounds of produce to Inglewood residents, senior citizen facilities, and food justice partners serving families throughout South Los Angeles.

“SJLI is a community that’s always going to be there for me. ⁣Through them, I can push for more advocacy and good change in my community. For the kids coming up after me, I can help lead them just the way SJLI led us.”⁣

Emmanuel Karunwi, Urban Scholars Alumnus ’22 and Jordan Wings Scholarship Winner

With 3,379 students served, graduates from our Urban Scholars program have pursued further education at 32 campuses throughout the nation.

"I've learned that I have the power to mobilize my neighbors to advocate for policies that address the needs of our community."

Sara Santos

We anchor a growing coalition of more than 68,000 residents, businesses, community, and faith-based organizations working to advance housing and youth justice in Los Angeles County.

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