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By Social Justice Learning Institute, 06/26/2023

Liberty Hill Foundation Speaks to Executive Director Derek Steele on “Conversations from the Frontlines” Podcast

Liberty Hill Foundation’s new podcast series, “Conversations from the Frontlines”, recently featured Social Justice Learning Institute’s Executive Director Derek Steele. 

In the special two-part episode titled, “Grassroots vs. GrassTops in L.A. Multi-Racial Coalition Politics – Part 2,” Derek sits down with Liberty Hill’sPresident/CEO Shane Murphy to share his inside-out strategies as a community leader and social justice advocate working in solidarity with South Los Angeles communities and leaders to tackle local politics and the nonprofit industrial complex.

“All of us are going to have to change the way we think,” says Derek regarding how community-based organizations, government, philanthropy, and other industries are making changes for Angelenos.

Among the variety of topics discussed, one was about the allocation of funds for Measure J and how the Care First Community Investment Advisory Committee of Los Angeles was created, in addition to the committee’s philosophy.

Derek states, “It starts with what the youth and the community have to say, and is about going in a different direction, rather than the status quo.”With Derek’s humble beginnings at SJLI as a volunteer turned Health Equity Programs Director, he encourages those wanting to get involved to figure out what role they want to play, to listen first, and show up with open hearts and open minds.

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