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By Social Justice Learning Institute, 09/16/2019

Health Equity Community Spotlight: Abigail Cholico

Abigail Cholico is a student of our Healthy Lifestyle Class Series at Dolores Huerta Elementary School in Lennox, CA.  Abigail has been attending the nutrition classes for 4 years now and credits the classes with her improved health and her family’s improved eating habits.  Abigail came to the classes suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. She would complain of midday trembling because of her blood sugar, and medication and blood sugar pricks were getting too expensive for her.  She was also dealing with a lot of stress at home that lead to many health problems.

After coming to the nutrition classes at the parent center, Abigail learned skills to improve her eating habits.  She has lost over 40 pounds and her blood sugar and blood pressure has vastly improved. She attributes her better health to the lessons on sugar and sodium, healthy recipes, and tips for making meals for herself and her family healthier.  In addition to her improvements, Abigail’s husband has started to show interest in learning about healthy eating and her eight year old grandson also has slowly started to eat vegetables. She has become a leader and example in recent cohorts of Healthy Lifestyle Classes at Huerta, sharing her experiences and tips for reducing sugar intake and cooking at home. 

Last month, Abigail was honored as a Champion of the community at the All funded partners meeting for CalFresh Healthy Living in Los Angeles County. She’s a true advocate for healthy eating as a way to prevent diseases. We are very proud of Abigail’s accomplishments and will work to build on her leadership capacity for future classes and meetings!

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