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By Social Justice Learning Institute, 05/18/2022

Meet 2022 Urban Scholars Graduates and Donate to the 2022 Urban Scholars Fund

Since 2008, the Social Justice Learning Institute’s Urban Scholars program has been empowering youth of color to use education as a tool for self-transformation and positive community change.

Our familyhood is a whole-self approach that powers students to unleash their truest selves, achieve academic success, and discover their voice in this world so that they can become agents of change.

Our trained and passionate Educational Equity team taps into the body, mind, and soul of our students by focusing on four key areas we believe open them up to learn, grow and change:

The result?

One hundred percent of our scholars either enroll in college, enlist in the military, or become gainfully employed.

With this year’s Class of 2022 Urban Scholars graduating in less than one month, we are asking you to contribute to their bright futures by donating to the Urban Scholars Scholarship Fund.

Your support will help the graduating class cover costs associated with tuition, books, housing, and transportation.⁣⁣⁣

Meet Some of Our Class of 2022 Urban Scholars

Kevyn Santos

Urban Scholar Kevyn Santos has his sights set on attending USC or UCLA for Computer Engineering.

Our Educational Equity team members assisted him in completing formal college applications as well as financial aid packages.

Upon college enrollment, he will have continued access and support from our College Persistence and Workforce Development team, which helps alumni persist through college and carve out their career paths.

Together, with the knowledge, resources and community-building skills Kevyn’s gained from being in the Urban Scholars program, he is equipped to become the change he wishes to see.

One social issue he sees in his community is the gentrification of Inglewood and its impact on local residents. Urban Scholars, he said, “has given me much more insight on issues that are going on in my community.”

This type of critical consciousness inspires Kevyn to find ways to help those around him.

Now that he’s gotten out of his shell and “gained confidence as a person”, he’s ready for the next chapter of his life.

Marvin Chong

Urban Scholar Marvin Chong is an actor and R&B singer with plans to attend Los Angeles Valley College for music this Fall.

As an artist, he naturally connects with his community on a profound level.

Two issues that Marvin is most passionate about are homelessness and the racial oppression of Black men. He explains “I see a lot of, and that’s very upsetting.”

While Marvin was always aware of these injustices, he credits the Urban Scholars program with illuminating their root causes and helping him discover his voice on the matters.

He says he’s more socially conscious and solution-oriented. In fact, one way he hopes to resolve the homelessness crisis in his community is by gathering petitions and submitting them to his local government.

In the interim, he continues to hone in on his craft and create music that bridges communities.

Jordan Fossett

Urban Scholar Jordan Fossett is a graduating senior from Eastside High School who will attend Grambling State University this Fall.

After participating in the Urban Scholars program for four years, the skilled gamer, who has competed on prestigious level esports teams, says his life has changed.

Not only has SJLI helped him graduate and get into one of the colleges on his list, but it’s also changed his mindset on social justice issues.

“I look at the bigger picture now and actually realize the source of the problems in my community and how to address them.”

When asked what injustices he wants to tackle, Jordan said racial inequality, gun violence and child welfare—issues he feels more comfortable addressing as a result of our Urban Scholars program.

“Being involved with SJLI helped me get over my social anxiety and develop more confidence. We talk about life and so many other topics that affect us and our communities. We do research and think [critically] about how to solve those problems. I’m blessed to be in the program.”

Watch the 2022 Urban Scholars Culmination

Please join us on June 11, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., for the Class of 2022 Urban Scholars Virtual Watch Party.

Tune in as we celebrate our proud scholars with a culmination ceremony at The Beehive in Los Angeles.

More Ways to Support This Year’s Urban Scholars

For 14 years, we’ve come together as a family to provide access and opportunity to our students, so they can shape a limitless future.

We have a chance to do it again by raising $30,000 to help this year’s graduating seniors cover some of the costs of tuition, books, housing and transportation.

If you’ve already donated to the 2022 Urban Scholars Scholarship Fund, here are four other ways you can boost your support:

  1. Volunteer at the 2022 Urban Scholars Culmination
  2. Fundraise in support of the Urban Scholars Fund
  3. Spread the word on your social media channels
  4. Share this email with family, friends, colleagues, and community

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