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By Social Justice Learning Institute, 04/09/2021

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SJLI 100 Seeds of Change Creator Nicole Steele Opens Up with Healthline in Inspiring Video Series

“My husband was diagnosed with hypertension at 25. The doctor says, you know, you need to eat better. We’re two Black kids from the hood. What does that mean?

I just started to notice around my neighborhood that we weren’t the only people dealing with this issue.

You could literally walk down the street and see the health disparity in my neighborhood. There were over 250 fast-food restaurants but if I drive up the 10 freeway there’s eight farmer’s markets.

I wanted to build at least 100 gardens in my community so that it started to feel normal to walk through urban spaces and see food growing.”

Watch SJLI Health Equity Program Manager and 100 Seeds of Change Creator Nicole Steele as she shares in this Healthline video series how a passion to transform community health 100 seeds at a time went from urban spaces to integrated common core curriculum at our Urban Scholar schools and legislation that allows renters to grow food in rented spaces.

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